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Logan Jahnke is a Texas based writer and musician who draws inspiration from rock & roll, classic singer/songwriters and Texas Country music. Logan grew up around music, learning how to sing from his mother and by attending church every Sunday as a child.
With no formal lessons, Logan first picked up the guitar in November of 2019 and taught himself how to play. Soon afterward, he began to write his own songs and began performing in the summer of 2020.
Raised near Tomball, Texas, a suburb of Houston, Logan graduated from Klein High School in 2021 and began his professional music career in January of 2022 by signing with Series A Music, a Nashville based company. In April of 2022, Logan also signed with Floating Leaf Entertainment, an artist management company based out of Round Rock. Texas.
Logan has currently released 2 songs, Wild Child and Right
Now, and both can be found on all streaming platforms. He has recorded 2 more songs that will be out in the latter part of 2022.

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